The Area

The Glastonbury area has been a place of myth and magic from our Pagan pre-history to Arthurian mysticism and New Age legends. It’s also been a historic centre of Christianity, home to one of England’s most powerful abbeys. Read more about the town and the varied and fascinating attractions nearby, below.


Glastonbury has a unique and diverse culture, artistic, esoteric as well a typical English market town atmosphere.

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Further Information

Glastonbury Abbey

Traditionally the seat of Christianity in England, Glastonbury Abbey attracts visitors from across the globe who come to marvel at these romantic ruins.

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Glastonbury Moors and Wildlife

There is really no other landscape in Britain like the low-lying moors around the Glastonbury area - properly known as the Somerset Levels.

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Further Information

Clarks Village

Clarks Village outlet offers over 90 stores, restaurants and cafes, plus plenty to entertain the whole family.

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Chalice Well

Glastonbury's Chalice Well is one of the oldest continuously used holy wells in Britain.

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Bustling city with great shops, a vibrant nightlife and plenty for families to do – including its award-winning zoo.

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A real family day out, the house and grounds are superb, there's plenty for kids to do – and of course the lions!

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Beautiful 18th-century landscape garden and Palladian mansion.

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World Heritage city and one of Britain's true treasures. Architecture, art, history and modern city living combined.

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Glastonbury Town Council

Glastonbury Town Hall hosts a number of bustling markets and craft fairs throughout the year.

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Tourist Information Centre

Glastonbury & Street Tourist Information Centre for accommodation bookings, tickets to local attractions including discounted tickets.

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