Glastonbury Holiday Homes Green Charter

Glastonbury Holiday Homes' (GHH) adopted Green charter is an endeavour by us, in conjunction with the Town Council, to play our part as a responsible member of the Town's commercial community, in working for a better, sustainable, more economically and socially prosperous Glastonbury.

1. Energy Saving Measures

GHH will seek to reduce unnecessary costs and climate change gases. GHH is systematically working to convert to lower power consumption and will regularly, or at least annually, audit the use of electricity and gas to achieve improved savings and identify where new technology installations would help.

We will seek to improve heat installation measures where needed. And encourage an Open/Close Door Policy to ensure warm air inside is not lost during cold weather.

We will seek to upgrade to more energy efficient, kitchen appliance when it is cost effective or replacements are needed.

2. Recycling and Waste Reduction

We have introduced 'Sort it' recycling bins to divide different waster materials.

We will strongly recommend and encourage all guests of our holiday cottages to use the said 'bins' situated at the car park end of our complex.

3. Taking Action to improve & maintain our local environment.

GHH provides 'Floral Displays' which use renewable compost and recycle more of their materials. GHH tries to attract pollinating insects with bee friendly nectar rich planting, using more drought tolerant plant varieties and watering efficiencies. GHH in its limited capacity has set aside a 'wild area' to encourage wildlife both flora & fauna.

4. Being Ethical & Responsible in What We Do.

This is fundamental, but GHH will try to influence others and build consensus around the issues of good practice that matter most.

William & Louise Knight