Facilities and local interest

From the beautiful countryside and historic town on our doorstep, to leisure and health facilities, Glastonbury Holiday Homes is perfect place to explore this wonderful part of the country, or simply to relax and unwind.

For your comfort

Let me tell you of our innovations to enhance your stay with us. The old French cast iron stove has finally given up the ghost, but in its place we have built a lovely reclaimed brick fireplace. I asked the builder to copy, if he could, the pattern of the chimney flues that decorated Hampton Court Palace would you believe! This was a challenge he relished, saying that he had not had the opportunity to do this since his college days. I must say that the result is most striking and certainly not out of place. Guests have spent many a relaxed hour watching the flames and smoke weave images of ancient Avalon after dark - or perhaps it was the wine.

Healing and therapy

Glastonbury is a centre of excellence in the field of Holistic Healing and Therapy. Listening to our guests' experiences after consulting some of the many practitioners here, we have converted a building as a treatment room in the Courtyard and retained a number of therapists' should any of our guests wish to consult them in the fields of Reiki, Massage, Reflexology, Acupuncture, Tarot, and Cranio Sacral. For further information on the therapists and treatments telephone Bill or Louise on 01458 835144 before or during your stay with us and we will put you in touch with a therapist best suited to your needs.

In the garden

For all you gardening gurus our Dicksonia Antartica (Tree Fern) still bears its 2012 foliage, it has survived the winter without any frost protection. Our 200-year-old Tuscan Olive Tree looks splendid. We are hoping it will bear a lot more fruit this year. The Pelargoniums/Geraniums have come through the winter in leaf and flower, so all the courtyard promises to look very colourful again this season. With a little luck we will again win the Mendip District Community Garden award.


This Summer as usual we have here in Glastonbury many events taking place, in the Abbey, the Chalice Well, the Rural Life Museum and the Town Hall. The Goddess Conference, the Crop Circle Convention etc etc. they are all listed on the Glastonbury Notice Board and at Glastonbury On Line.

The countryside

For those of you who like to embrace the countryside and all things natural by walking or cycling the fact that we are surrounded by the Somerset Levels provides easy access to explore nature. The Avalon Marshes are home to a huge range of wildlife, including Otters, Bitterns, Starlings (murmurations of) and birds of prey as well as being internationally important as a migratory stopping point for Waders and over-wintering birds.

Read about our Glastonbury Holiday Homes Green Charter


This area has witnessed 10,000 years of human activity and is home to the oldest-known track in Europe, the Sweet Track, and a number of lake villages. The historical relevance and value is considered by many to be on a par with Stonehenge.

Whatever your interests, staying in Glastonbury will be an experience you should not miss. We hope you love our cottages as much as we do.